Greenpeace founder advocates nuclear energy

A great development. Newer and cleaner nuclear energy, be it pebble-bed, be it tokamak fusion, whatever, deserves a chance to be heard on its merits, not shouted down simply because the word "nuclear" is attached.

Ruby misconceptions about Python

This appears similar to a technique I remember from the source code of ...

Why doesn't the IRS fill out tax forms for us?

Let's go back a bit. End withholdings. Then I would actually like the idea of getting what a pre-filled tax return would really be, unbeknownst to the apathetic masses -- a bill.

No more

Duh. The desire to blast me some zombies before I die.

"Stretch" Languages, or, 28 years of programming

My current "stretchers" are Erlang and Gambit-C scheme. For utility it is Tcl. For application it is Java. (Thus using Jacl I can glue utility and application easily.)

The End of Blogging

Thank god.

Social consequences of Polygamy

I invite you to embark on an intellectual journey:

Stevey's Blog Rants: Software Needs Philosophers

McCarthy had a philosophy about computer programming, and he wrote the principles of Lisp to set down the details of that philosophy.

We need more Languages, not Philosophers

Io, Factor, and Ferite of recent interest seem to be following this "mashing together" of languages in interesting ways.

The perils of Teaching Java?

You could learn to write some Scheme program by rote and trial and error, and not have any vastly improved idea as to what computing science is over "I told the turtle to move and it moved!"


changed October 29, 2007